PRASIOLITE( Green Amythst) PENDANT in Silver


A masterpiece pendant. A spectacular, large, faceted Prasiolite gemstone is set into a hand carved Silver pendant.

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Product Description

PRASIOLITE( Green Amythst) PENDANT in Silver.  A spectacular pendant, with one of my favourite gemstones. This flawless 20.4ct , highly faceted gemstone ,is set into a bespoke filigree style pendant, absolutely beautiful. Check the web to see if you can find anything approaching this quality ! The back faceting on this gemstone make the stone sparkle and dance, as you can see, in most of the images. Green  Amythst  is known to be a  gentle, transformative, protective and deeply healing stone, with also, all the benefits of purple quartz(Amythst) . This pendant weights 15.9g, it is 5.2cm long, by 3.5cm wide. The gemstone measures 16mm x 11mm, and weights 20.4ct.