A beautiful, colourful piece of Ethiopian (Welo) Crystal Opal, set into a solid Silver design.

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Product Description

OPAL CRYSTAL RING.A beautiful, colourful Opal Crystal, cut as a cabochon. This ring displays plenty of moving colour, as can be seen in the images. Opal is notoriously difficult to photograph, I have tried to show that you get good colour from every angle. This is a solidly constructed Silver ring design, with a thick band and strong bezel set.This is an Ethiopian(Welo) Opal, acknowledge to be more robust than Australian Opal, it also represents great value, for a comparable stone of this quality ! Ethiopian Welo Opal is a soothing crystal that helps ground your energies and stabilize your entire chakra system. Ethiopian opal is also believed to be an emotional intensifier, enhancing the true nature of those who wear it. This ring is size 59 (or R), it weights 5.25g, and the teardrop cut stone measures 16mm x 10mm.