MARRA MAMBA Tiger Eye Ring.


A stunning ,rare, piece of the original find Marra Mamba, Tiger Eye, set into a sturdy, adjustable ring.

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Product Description

MARRA MAMBA Tiger Eye Ring. Marra Mamba of this quality is extremely rare, no other source has ever been found since the original, small find in 1970. This stunning piece has been set into a very strong Silver design featuring an adjustable shank, most suitable for sizes 62-64 (T-U). Tiger Eye (in general) is the stone of courage, as it introduces divine vision to the wearer. The golden ray stone is known to invoke inner vision to divination in amateur crystal users. Tiger Eye also brings harmony by merging the frequencies of the earth with that of the sun. The ring weights 12.4g and the stone size is 26mm x 11mm. You will never see a more unique ,well crafted ring, than this !