Lapis Lazuli, from Afghanistan, set into a solid Silver pendant.

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Product Description

LAPIS LAZULI PENDANT. We have set a good sized piece (7.35 x 2.8cm ) of Afgan Lapis Lazuli into a big, strong Silver frame .The use of extra Silver in the bezel lifts, and highlights the rich blue colour of the Lapis stone. Flecks of Gold Pyrite(`fools gold`) and Lazurite can be seen in the base of the pendant. Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone that has a meaning and properties related to awakening, a beautiful blue stone that bring self-awareness and enlightenment. When we created this pendant we have added a large bale (suitable for all size chain, or leather), this Silver bale also adds to the aesthetic beauty of the pendant. The pendant weights 33.5g and is 7.35cm long.