A beautiful ,natural Quartz crystal, set in Silver, can be a pendant, or excellent for pendulum work.

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Product Description

HIMALAYAN QUARTZ PENDANT/PENDULUM. This natural Quarts crystal is from Ganesh Himal (Western Nepal). All faces display natural etching, with a small ‘dusting’, on a couple of faces, of Chlorite, indicating its Alpine provenance. Lovely Silver setting, with hinge .This mineral is extremely hard to get a hold of due to most localities being at such high and steep elevations. Himalayan Quartz works similar to other Quartz crystal, except for the higher energy it releases. This variety offers one an extremely high vibration to work with, making it ideal for pendulum work, or personal protection.  This Pendant weights 7.35g, and is 4.8cm long. The natural crystal measures 3.2cm x .95cm.