A Silver Merkabah pendant created by a master craftsman.

Product Description

SILVER MERKABAH. This beautiful Silver Merkabah ( also spelt Merkaba ) has been created by a master Silversmith, with absolute fine precision.There may be other examples on the net, but none of them will approach delicate finesse of this piece. Merkaba is a combination of three different words. Mer is a light that rotates within itself; Kameant refers to the human spirit and Ba alludes to the physical human form. Egyptians believed that Merkaba is a rotating light that carries the human body and spirit from one plane to another.
There are many interpretations of Merkaba meanings, but this is the most widely accepted one. It carries within it a extraordinary capacity for spiritual transformation. This Merkabah weights 5.7cm, it is 1.6cm square (2.4cm point to point)and the Silver thickness is 1.15cm round.