A big, bold, pair of bright, shiny Selenite and Rainbow Moonstone Earrings in Sterling Silver.

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Product Description

SELENITE/RAINBOW MOONSTONE EARRINGS. A big bold, bright ,shiny pair of highly polished Selenite, and Rainbow Moonstone earrings. These beautiful Selenite stone have a “shimmer like” cats eye effect as light strikes them( as can be seen in some of the images.)Selenite is often referred to as “liquid light”, not just because of the beautiful light play on the crystal, but also because the soft white appearance of the stone is a perfect reflection of its gentle but highly effective energy, which emits white light and high vibrations.  These special earrings are 5.1cm long. , 1.6cm wide, and weight 11.5g.  The Selenite gemstones are 20mm x 14mm teardrops, the Rainbow Moonstones are 10mm x 6mm ovals. A unique pair of stunning Earrings.