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We have an outstanding example of secondary Galena  (supergene). This wildly rare form of galena was occasionally found in both the North and South mine. To quote Minerals of  Broken Hill, (1st Edition, page 152.) ” .. octrahedral galena crystals up to 4mm across and in parallel growth”    were found. That describes this specimen of secondary galena perfectly, fits that description.  The crystals on this piece are as large as were ever found!!!  Some of the apex crystals show hoppered terminations! I showed this specimen to George Stacey, doyen of Australian mineralogy, he said he has seen a better one, but this is very fine. Please try and find another for sale anywhere, let alone this perfect. Ex Geoff Rondello collection. Excellent vivid yellow fluorescence. There is a debate over the yellow mineral fluorescent mineral on the secondary galena, and its most likely secondary sphalerite, with a small intermix of wurtzite.


28 x 18 x 12mm