Highly collectable, extremely rare antique Indian Silver beads. paul@bluegems.com.au

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RARE ANTIQUE INDIAN SILVER BEADS. We are offering for sale this collection of rare Maharashtra Silver collectable beads. We have had these pieces in our possession for more than 35 years, first collected South of Mumbai, in the mid 70`s, We are yet to ever see anything similar ,or comparable. No records seem to exist in any Bead books . These solid Silver beads were used as a store of value, exchanged in marriage ,or sickness. They were generally worn around the ankle (you can see plenty of wear and oil build-up on them). Like all old Indian ankle adornments they were also supposed to alert ,and discourage, snakes, when working in the fields. The beads weigh from about 4.6g to 6.5g. The `square` beads can be made up of up to 80 individual pieces. .Price range from $100 to $135 ea. Australian $. Contact paul@bluegems.com.au