PRAESIOLITE RING in Sterling Silver


Product Description

PRAESIOLITE RING .We have sourced the finest quality Green Amythst (Praesiolite) available in the market, to make a small collection. This facetted stone is beautiful and extremely popular, it looks great under all light conditions, but is particularly beautiful under night lights ! The reflections of the back facets are excellent.We are very happy with the result. This handmade ring is solidly constructed to last a lifetime, it features a broad, comfortable shank and filigree work, below the bezel to allow extra light to enter the back facets. A bit hard to photograph, but I think I have captured it pretty well.The ring is size 62 (or T),it weights 9.1g and the green Amythst weights 9.8ct. the facetted stone size is 15.3 x 12.1mm. This is an outstanding ,bespoke piece.