Product Description

For sale is a plumbian (lead) microline feldspar, from Broken Hill, NSW. These green feldspars are rather uncommon, I actually do not know of any other source of green microline feldspar in the world. The name plumbian feldspar, comes from the high lead content in the mineral. This feldspar was mined more than 40 years ago and nothing since (mainly due to the mechanization of the mining process). Interestingly this plumbian feldspar, is colorless to white when mined, but when  exposed to light turns this very pleasant shade of almost emerald green. The change is permanent and does not fade even after many years! Good translucency, pics show front and rear. The green feldspar is associated with quartz and minor galena. Today this green plumbian feldspar is rarely seen for sale, please check the web for availability.


43 x 38 x 27mm.