Stunning crystal opal from Ethiopia

Product Description

Stunning crystal opal from Ethiopia. This is a 5.2ct gem Opal crystal from the Wello Opal field of northern Ethiopia. Since 1994 stunning Opal has been mined and marketed from Ethiopia. This crystal Opal has a wonderful, bright colour range, with uniquely, quite a lot of red colour. Red has always been considered a prize feature in Australian Opal. This stone also has magnificent patterning. Similar to Andamooka (Aust.) Opal this crystal is tough and stable, showing little affect from repeated contact,in testing, with water, oil, heat or perspiration. With no crazing or change to `colour play.` Being Opal it is very hard to photograph, particularly crystal. Typically this opal has a natural honey-yellow tint. I have added more than usual photos to give a idea of the great colours and patterning, from all angles. The stone weights 5.2ct and will sell for A$90/ct. More photos on request.