A large natural Peridot gemstone is set into a solid Silver design.

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Product Description

NATURAL PERIDOT GEMSTONE in Silver. We came across this large Peridot gemstone recently, This stone is not perfect, it has some visible sub-surface inclusions(shown in images), it is rare to find Peridot of this size without inclusions, but its size, colour and cut make it a beautiful stone. We have set it into a solid silver setting. If you like, or collect, Peridot this piece represents great value. Peridot is a gemstone that indicates prosperity. It is known as a historical gemstone that has been used for thousands of years. This gemstone would give energy to the owner’s mind to make a progress. If you have a dream or a goal to achieve, Peridot is believed to help. This pendant weights 7.05g, it is 2.9cm long and 1.4cm wide. the gemstone is 14mm x 11.5mm and weights 9.8ct.