A lovely small ring, featuring the hugely collectable Maw Sit Sit.

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Product Description

SOLD MAW SIT SIT RING. We have tended to overlook smaller sized rings, so we have started a small collection. This simple silver ring features a fine quality, high Chromium, cabochon of Maw Sit Sit , a very sort after quality Myanmar (Burmese) gemstone. The unusual rich green/black contrast makes this one of my favourite stones. Maw sit sit is a green and black gem material that has been confused with jade for many years. It was once thought to be a variety of jade because of its similar appearance and physical properties. It was often referred to as “chrome jade” because of its bright chrome-green color. Maw Sit Sit has the meaning and properties of getting back vitality and energy. This ring is size 54 (or N), it weights 2.85g and the stone size is13mm x 9.2mm.