A spectacular piece of rare Mt Brockmann(W.A.) Marra Mamba Tiger Eye.

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Product Description

This is one of the finest pieces of Marra Mamba Tiger Eye you will ever see. This rectangular cabochon is spectacular on both front and back, it could easily be made as a reversible pendant, as you can see in the images, it is a great collectors piece, or would make a stunning piece of jewellery.. This stone is from the original(and only) find, from the early `70,s .An exquisite piece of polished Marra Mamba Tiger Eye. Mt Brockman West. Australia. One of Australia`s rarest semi-precious, this richly coloured and highly chatoyant Marra Mamba Tiger Eye was found in an isolated pocket at a small deposit in Western Australia in the late 70`s. This deposit is the only known source for this exquisite gemstone in the world ! The rich colours give this rare gemstone it`s unique characteristics which are unparalleled in the semi-precious gem world. This stone measures 3.9cm long by 1.7cm wide. At its thickest it is 6.5mm. It weights 9.45g (47.5ct).