a large copper nugget from Michigan, USA

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Product Description

For sale is a large copper nugget from Michigan, USA. When I first acquired this from the collection of Julius and Eileen Szabados, the specimen was labeled as coming from South Aust, they had purchased it from a tailgater at a Gemkanna in Bendigo in the middle 1980s. All the reseasch I have done suggests that this is far more likely to be a copper specimen from Michigan, USA. Copper’s color is supberb, and has not change color in the many years that I have had it. The last pic is of the crystal casts left imprinted in the copper after the crystals of the previous mineral had dissolved away. Large showy piece, weight is 1550gms.  Specimens of this size and impact are not seen often today.  I don’t think I have seen  another one for  in the last 20 years in Australia. NOTE. Overseas buyers please contact me for shipping fee.