Product Description

We have here one beautiful and fascinating quartz crystal from Torrington, NSW. Besides being in pristine condition and having razor sharp form, with top luster (see pics), this has a couple of different forms, parallel growth, very elegant and subtle over most of the piece, than it has two faces with regular quartz overgrowth, (this doesn’t appear to be a second generation growth). Next it has a clear gemmy apex, but the really fascinating thing is the inclusions near the tip, clearly visible. The white area in the tip of the fourth pic is one,but there is an even better on, razor shape group of blocky crystals, possibly feldspar, just total sitting there, and perfect group of snow white crystals. I have never seen this type of inclusion in a Torrington quartz before!  I would say RARE!  Please remember our prices are in Australian dollars.


68 x 16 x 15mm.