A fine quality Chakra pendant utilizing 5mm gemstones, expertly set into sterling Silver.

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Product Description

GEMSTONE CHAKRA PENDANT. Another exceptional pendant from our new metaphysical collection. We have set 7 high quality facetted gemstones into our pendant, note the bale is set on the back of the pendant(last image) so the piece appears to float on the neck. Chakra healing can be defined as a process aiming at influencing how energy moves through the chakras of the human body. It is often referred to as chakra balancing because its goal is to restore the optimal balance between the energy centres. these are the Seven Chakras And Their Colors. 1 the Root Chakra: Red Color(Garnet) 2 ,the Sacral Chakra: Orange Color(Carnelian) 3 ,the Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow Color(Citrine) 4 the Heart Chakra: Green Color(Peridot). 5 the Throat Chakra: Blue Color(blue Topaz). 6 the Third Eye Chakra: Indigo Color(amethyst) 7 the Crown Chakra: White Color( White Topaz). You can see in the images the strength, and colour in each of these gemstone. This pendant weights 8.7g, 4.8cm long and the gemstones are 5mm round. Another collectors piece!