FEMALE Symbol in Alpine Quartz.


Absolutely beautiful handcarved, female fertility symbol, in AAA Himalayan Quartz. bluegems.com.au

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Product Description

FEMALE Fertility Symbol in Alpine Quartz. This beautiful piece is handcarved from the finest quality Alpine Quartz (Ganesh Mountain. Western Nepal.) This Tibetan/Nepalese Quartz is found at altitudes of over 15,000 feet in the Ganesh Himal Mountain range that borders Tibet and Nepal. In India the yoni is worshipped as the sacred symbol of the Divine Feminine, referred to as the Devi, the Great Goddess, the source of life, the Universal Womb. Since the beginning of time, we have created artistic expression for the forces of creation. This fine pendant also contains a wonderful `veil`(top left) inside the water clear quartz. A totally individual collectors pendant. This pendant weights22.6g, it is 5.8cm long and 3.1cm wide. The pendant is 1.1cm thick.