A stunning, cushion cut, natural Citrine ring in Sterling Silver.

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Product Description

FACETTED CITRINE RING. This beautiful large natural Brazilian Citrine, has been `cushion-cut`(Literally a shallow facetting), which allows this big stone (18.5mm x 14.5mm) to sit close to the finger, rather than usual facetting which would make the gemstone much thicker and heavier, and consequently sit much higher on your finger.This eye clean stone has a beautiful colour, quite lemon in direct sunlight, and slightly darker in natural light. Citrine has a playful energy that can bring light and optimism. The Citrine stones meaning is connected to the comfort, warmth and power given by the sunlight. This yellow quartz energizes, breathing new life into anyone who uses it for its citrine healing properties. Citrine meaning also has to do with new beginnings, new pursuits and living a full life. This solidly constructed ring is size 62 or T, it weights 9.5g and the gemstone weight is 21.8ct.