Product Description

For sale is a pristine specimen of epidote and adulara crystals from Tormiq Valley, Pakistan. This specimen features a number of parallel growth epidote crystals. The color of the epidote in real life is green with brown/yellow component, so please NOTE the color is not accurate. The exquisite adulara crystals sit in a great position to highlight the epidote and make a statement of their own. This is an outstanding example of this combo, all sitting on a albite matrix, not too big, but just enough to contrast with the nice white color.  The last pic shows the rear of the specimen with a large coverage of sharp adulara crystals, (so the color is not real accurate for this pic).Ex Hyat Malick collection. This is an outstanding specimen and a classic alpine association, in pristine condition and good sized. I have added another pic of the back of the piece to try and capture just how fine this piece really is!!



37  x 36 x 23mm.