A totally unique Cuprite with native Copper pendant, set in Sterling Silver.

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Product Description

CUPRITE PENDANT. This is a totally unique pendant designed for all those people dedicated to Copper and all its secondary Mineral associations-Turquoise,Cuprite, Chrysacolla,azurite, malachite,etc. We cut this piece from a rock collected from Bisbee, Arizona in the 1960`s, and have never seen any other jewellery made from this material.It is easy to see the native copper shining amongst the rich red Cuprite.Our own design, creates an impressive pendant. Very difficult to photograph,but I think I have got it very close.Cuprite is a gemstone that you need to boost your willpower and strengthen your resolve. The meaning of Cuprite is inner-strength. This Cuprite pendant weights 11.7g, it is 3.9cm long and 2cm wide. Specimen size 22mm x 10mm.