A fine quality Chrysoprase pendant and chain, in sterling Silver.

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Product Description

CHRYSOPRASE PENDANT. This is a splendid piece of Marybourough (Qld.) Chrysoprase. Maryborough is renowned for producing the finest quality of all Chrysoprase. This is one of the last pieces from material we cut in 2005. Known for manifesting optimism, joy, and happiness, the Chrysoprase crystal stone is one of the best antidepressants in the world of crystal healing. If you have a checklist of garden-variety emotional ailments like depression, anxiety, and stress, Chrysoprase crystal properties are an effective prescription for encouraging a more positive outlook on life. Keep this gemstone in your corner and remember to always look on the bright side, even during cloudy weather. The stone weights 62.5ct and is an oval measuring 31mm x 24mm and displys excellent colour. Total weight of pendant ant chain is 21.6g. Thye pendant and chain length is 47cm in total. A beautiful rare piece, there are a couple of typical nickel flecks that can be seen in the stone, it is very unusual to get a stone this size without some evidence of nickel.