A stunning piece of Arizona Chrysocolla, set into a Silver bangle.

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Product Description

CHRYSACOLLA BANGLE.This Chrysacolla was cut and polished by us, it is of the finest quality to come out of the famous location Bisbee, Arizona, this rich blue colour is as beautiful as the finest `Sleeping Beauty` Turquoise,. it also displays beautiful flashes of native (natural) Silver. The bangle is created using strengthened 2mm silver rod, this ensures durability and enhanced flexibility, can safely be bent to fit all wrist sizes. Chrysacolla is first and foremost a Stone of Communication. Its very essence is devoted to expression, empowerment and teaching. The serenity of its turquoise-blue color discharges negative energies, calms, and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard. This bangle weights 24.6g, it is made of solid 2mm silver rod, the piece of Chrysacolla measures 18mm x 16mm.