A beautiful, large Charoite pend , showing classic chatoyancy.

Product Description

CHAROITE PENDANT. This fine piece of Russian Charoite has been set into sterling silver bezel, with a large bale able to accomodate all size of chain.Very hard to find a large piece of this material of such beauty. The rich purple colour displays depth and chartoyancy(light play).Charoite is a soul stone with deep physical and emotional healing energies. It is a stone of transformation and is used to overcome fears.Discovered in the 1940s, Charoite was unknown to the outside world until 1978. Its name is derived from the Chara (or Charo) River in eastern Siberia, Russia, the only site in the world where it is found. The word “Chary” in Russian means “magic” or “charms.” This largish pendant is a statement piece, and will be noticed and admired by all. The pendant weights22.8g, it is 6.7cm long and 3.8cm wide.