A rich blue Burmese Sapphire set into our own Silver ring design.

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Product Description

BURMESE SAPPHIRE RING. This Blue Sapphire was mined in Burma more than 40 years ago, we were lucky to come across it in our recent trip. It is not a star Sappire, but displays a rich blue with some sparkling below the surface. We have set into our bespoke design.Blue sapphire is associated with Saturn. This crystal will bring calm and focus to your mind and restore the balance in your body.It will encourage a better understanding of yourself and will help you become more secure in your own wisdom and convictions. This is a solidly constructed ring that will last a lifetime. The ring is size 59 or R. it weights 10.8g. The Sapphire gemstone wieghts 3.8ct and is a 10mm round.