BUDDHA Image in Quartz Crystal (Ganesh Himal)


A Stunning small religious temple featuring a Thai Buddha image ,set into an Alpine Quartz Crystal. bluegems.com.au

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Product Description

BUDDHA Image in Quartz Crystal (Ganesh Himal). This magnificent Himalayan Quartz crystal is from Nepal(GANESH Mtn.),it is water clear, with all faces displaying natural etching, it also has Chlorite (dark green )inclusions, both internally and with distinct natural surface growths, which indicate its alpine origins. We have set an antique Thai Buddha, into one face of this crystal. A totally unique ,and special creation , suitable for display, or for your home temple. This Buddha image which is known as the `Monday` Buddha, is known for protecting health and promoting wellbeing. The Crystal weights 182g and is 7.6cm tall.