Totally unique ,crystal temple , housing a brass Lord Ganesha.

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Product Description

ANTIQUE GANESH in QUARTZ CRYSTAL Cave. Lord Ganesh the elephant-headed God of good luck, wisdom and fortune, with two arms. Solid brass, lost wax casting done in in some rural village with enchanting naiveté, beautiful devotional patina. North India/Nepal. 19th century. In this depiction Lord Ganesha holds two of his favourite things, a Lotus bulb and a ball of Laddu(sweet).The crystal he is sitting in, comes from Ganesh Himal(Mountain), Western Nepal, all the faces display etching, it has a light dusting of Chlorite(green) on some faces and a lovely internal `flower`at the back. A beautifully appropriate crystal `cave for Ganesh`. This piece weights 207.7g, it is 9.7cmtall and 4.5cm wide. Ganesh is 3.8cm high, and weights 23.9g. We have never seen anyone else doing miniature temples in Himalayan Crystal, such as we are doing !