A stunning facetted Angel Hair Quartz pendant ,with a hint of Smokey Quartz colour.

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Product Description

ANGEL HAIR QUARTZ PENDANT.Angel Hair quartz is also known as Rutilated quartz, this refers to the inclusions that highlight the crystal.This pendant is a wonderful example of fine quality Angel Hair, with the added uniqueness of it being Smokey. The pendant shape, the facetting (front and back),and a handful of gold inclusions make this an outstanding piece. The energy of this crystal combo is not by any means subtle. It has been known to almost “zap” its holder, energetically, much like feeling electricity. It channels energy very well making this stone a great amplifier as well as a great stone for energizing. We have set the crystal into a `gate ` style Silver setting, which allows the light, and energy to flow freely. A very difficult stone to photograph,the 4th image has been taken with no direct light, so that the inclusions can be more clearly seen. Stones of this quality are quite rare. The pendant weights 5.75g and is 3.5cm long aqnd 1.1cm wide.