A magnificent bespoke Tanzanite ring, featuring a 1.05ct AAA gemstone.

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Product Description

AAA TANZANITE RING. Another bespoke piece from our new collection, a superb AAA rich blue-violet Tanzanite gemstone has been set into a beautifully designed Silver Ring. This a top shelf jewellery piece, the gemstone shows two distinct colourings, depending on the light incidence (angle),a rich Tanzanite blue, to a softer violet-blue, with plenty of `sparkle` from the excellent facetting. The blues appear more evident when subjected to fluorescent light and the violet hues can be seen more readily when viewed under incandescent light. This is a skillfully constructed design, that also protects the gemstone ,with a slightly raised bezel. This ring is size 58(or O), it weights 4.65g, and the gemstone weight is 1.05ct.